About Us

Refeyn are the innovators behind mass photometry, a novel biotechnology that allows users to characterise the composition, structure and dynamics of single molecules in their native environment. We are producing a disruptive generation of analytical instruments that open up new possibilities for research into biomolecular functions.

Oxford Refeyn

Revolutionary science born in Oxford

Spun out of Oxford University in 2018 by an experienced team of scientific professionals, Refeyn aims to transform bioanalytics for scientists, academic researchers, and biopharma companies around the world.

A global network

Our company headquarters are located in Oxford, UK. Our US offices are based in Boston and Portland. We also have a widespread global network of distributors who are equipped to answer any queries about mass photometry.

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Award winning technology

While we believe in the strong potential of our technology, our efforts have also been acknowledged by the scientific community at large. Learn more about the awards and recognition gained by mass photometry around the world.

Join the team

We are inspired by the power of mass photometry and committed to helping it reach its maximum potential. By joining us, you get to be a part of the team behind a pioneering tech that is accelerating scientific discovery. What’s more, you get to do this as part of a fast-growing and diverse team, with opportunities for learning, growth, and development.