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Unlock the future of AAV analytics
with mass photometry


Getting empty/full capsid ratios for AAVs has never been easier!

With mass photometry, you can precisely measure the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype in a matter of minutes. It requires only very small sample volumes and concentrations, and minimal sample preparation.


Quantitative characterisation of AAVs of all serotypes

Easy measurement of empty / full ratio of AAV capsids

Rapid analysis requiring minimal sample

User-friendly operation

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A mass photometer for AAV analytics

Quantitative characterisation of AAVs


  • Empty/full AAV ratio measurement

  • Serotype-independent analysis

  • Partially filled and overfilled capsid quantification

  • Rough estimation of titer

Rapid analysis requiring little sample

  • < 5 minutes to result

  • Little sample needed

  • Minimal sample preparation

  • Very low operating costs

User friendly operation

  • User training < 1 day

  • Software customised for AAV analysis

  • Benchtop instrument, Easy decontamination

  • GMP compliance coming soon

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