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Mass photometry is a revolutionary new method of analysing molecules. It enables the accurate mass measurement of single molecules in solution, in their native state and without the need for labels.

This approach opens up new possibilities for bioanalytics and research into the functions of biomolecules.

Benefits of mass photometry

  • Accurate mass measurement of true native behaviour

    • In solution, in a variety of buffers and compatible with membrane proteins

    • Label-free, without the need to modify samples

  • Information on all sub-populations in samples 

    • Single molecule counting 

    • Wide mass range and high dynamic range 

  • One assay format delivering multiple results

    • Homogeneity, structural integrity and activity

    • Quick, simple, minimal sample amounts 

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Refeyn TwoMP : The flagship mass photometer


For molecular mass measurements with unmatched sensitivity, speed and simplicity of use. Refeyn’s second-generation mass photometer, the TwoMP, offers wider mass range, and improved resolution and statistics.

  • High-fidelity measurements of molecular mass

  • Minimal quantities of sample required

  • ​Intuitive acquisition and data analysis software 

  • ​Easy setup – a compact, benchtop instrument with minimum installation requirements