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Refeyn consumables for
mass photometry

Using consumables developed specifically for Refeyn instruments, you can benefit from hassle-free measurements, with less time for sample prep and more confidence in your measurements. The consumables range includes the essential tools to perform molecular mass measurement and AAV characterization with mass photometry.

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Starter kits

Everything you need to prepare and run your measurements. Buy once and use every day.

4-0005 Sample Preparation Package_Updated_05_2023.png

Sample preparation packages

Keep your measurements going with a supply of ready-to-use sample carrier slides and sample well cassettes.  

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SizeFerence calibrant

for KaritroMP

Ref: MP-CON-41030

Get the most out of your macro mass photometry measurements with SizeFerence, a calibrant tailored for the KaritroMP.

SizeFerence contains a mix of silica beads of different sizes in roughly equimolar concentrations and is designed to calibrate the size of particles measured by macro mass photometry, including adenoviral and lentiviral vectors.

  • Each package contains a 0.3 mL vial of silica beads suspended in deionized water.

  • Calibrates the size of non-reflective particles in the 40-150 nm range measured with the KaritroMP

  • Dilute before use following the instructions included with the product

Shelf life: Stable for 1 year at room temperature (max. 25ºC). Do not freeze.

SizeFerence calibrant

MassFerence P2 calibrant

for the SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto

Ref: MP-CON-41015

Streamline your AAV measurements with MassFerence P2, Refeyn’s bespoke calibrant for the Samux line of mass photometers. MassFerence P2 is designed to calibrate mass photometry measurements of AAV-containing samples with masses ranging from 670 kDa to 5 MDa.

  • Contains 3 vials of MassFerence P2 calibrant in dry form

  • Resuspend by adding 120 μL of buffer

  • Each vial is sufficient for 10 calibrations when reconstituted

Shelf life:  Dried calibrant stable for 6 months at 4 ºC. Solution stable for 5 days at 4 ºC.

MassFerence P2 calibrant

Sample preparation package

for MassFluidix HC

Ref: MP-CON-51001

Keep your measurements of highly concentrated samples going with a supply of ready-to-use MassFluidix HC chips and bubble traps to support 15 experiments. Bubble traps facilitate the removal of bubbles from the MassFluidix HC chips. 

  • 1 pack of MassFluidix HC chips (5 chips/pack, 3 measurements/chip) 

  • 1 pack of bubble traps (3 bubble traps/pack, sufficient for 18 measurements) 

Shelf life:  3 months, use within 10 days of opening. Storage: room temperature .

Sample preparation package

Samples well cassettes, 24 wells

for Automated Systems

Ref: MP-CON-31004

Top up your supply of sample well cassettes to support 240 sample measurements.

  • 1 pack of 24-well sample cassettes (10 cassettes/pack)

Samples well cassettes, 24 wells

Samples well cassettes, 14 wells​

for Automated Systems

Ref: MP-CON-31007

Top up your supply of sample well cassettes to support 140 sample measurements.

  • 1 pack of 14-well sample cassettes (10 cassettes/pack)

Samples well cassettes, 14 wells​

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