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Molecular mass measurement capabilities are now easily accessible to scientists thanks to Refeyn's analytical instruments. The distinctive products enable the direct measurement of the mass of individual proteins, nucleic acids, complexes, and viruses in solution. These offerings deliver crucial insights for scientific exploration, research and development, and therapeutic manufacturing.

Our instruments showcase cutting-edge mass photometry technology, leveraging light to precisely quantify the mass of single particles in solution, all without the need for labels. Additionally, our macro mass photometry technology extends this capability to characterize large viral vectors. By furnishing intuitive data within minutes, these mass photometry technologies empower scientists to tackle their research inquiries, streamline R&D processes, and concentrate on fostering innovation.

The flagship mass photometer

  • High-fidelity measurements of molecular mass

  • Minimal quantities of sample required

  • ​Intuitive acquisition and data analysis software 

  • ​Easy setup – a compact, benchtop instrument with minimum installation requirements


A mass photometer for transformative AAV analytics

  • Quantitative characterisation of AAVs of all serotypes

  • Easy measurement of empty / full ratio of AAV capsids

  • Rapid analysis requiring minimal sample

  • User-friendly operation


Harness the power of
automated mass photometry

  • Rapid, automated measurement of multiple samples

  • Ideal for screening and titration assays

  • Highly reproducible data with a user-friendly software

  • Compatible with TwoMP and OneMP units


A mass photometer for
automated AAV analysis

  • Rapid characterization of empty/full AAV capsid ratio

  • Automated technology - 24 measurements in about 90 min

  • Highly reproducible data with minimal sample preparation

  • Automation unit retrofittable to the SamuxMP


The macro mass photometer

  • Fast, simple, qualitative AdV and LVV analysis

  • Differentiation of multiple populations, even those of the same size

  • Evaluation of relative changes across samples, from crude to purified

  • Rapid, user-friendly operation

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Unsure about which mass photometer is best for your requirements? Let us help you decide!

Purchase ready-to-use
mass photometry consumables

4-0003 MP Starter Kit_Automated systems_24_wells_Updated_05_2023.png

Introducing a ready-to-use range of mass photometry consumables for all our instruments!

Using mass photometry consumables you can benefit from hassle-free measurements, with reduced sample preparation time and greater data confidence from consistent measurement conditions.

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