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We are excited to host the first ever Mass Photometry Symposium and User Meeting, in partnership with the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery at the University of Oxford.


Event : 14 June 2022
Registration deadline: 31 May 2022


Kavli Institute for Nanoscience Discovery, University of Oxford


Presentations, posters, live tech demos


Prizes for best posters and best talks

The meeting centres around mass photometry, a revolutionary bioanalytical method that enables the accurate mass measurement of single molecules in solution, in their native state and without the need for labels. This approach opens up new possibilities for bioanalytics and research into the functions of biomolecules.

Event Schedule

The one day meeting will feature presentations from Refeyn’s applications team, the Kavli Institute and current mass photometry users across different research disciplines.  If you want to learn about mass photometry and how it could advance your research you can have a chat with our team of applications experts and watch our instruments in action. For current mass photometry users we will also host roundtable discussions and poster presentations. Show off your work for a chance to win a best poster or talk prize!

  Detailed schedule to follow  

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