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We are excited to host the 2nd Mass Photometry Symposium and User Meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 


Event: 23 May 2023
Registration deadline: 20 April 2023


Courtyard by Marriott, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Open to anyone interested in mass photometry


Prizes for best posters and best talks

Refeyn reserves the right to close registration earlier if the maximum capacity of delegates is reached. We encourage you to register early to avoid disappointment.

The meeting centres around mass photometry, a revolutionary bioanalytical method that enables the accurate mass measurement of single molecules in solution, in their native state and without the need for labels. This approach opens up new possibilities for bioanalytics and research into the functions of biomolecules.

Event Schedule

This in-person meeting brings together mass photometry users working across different applications including biomolecular and AAV analytics. This exclusive event will include scientific talks by the mass photometry user community, and announcement of 2023 innovations by Refeyn experts. In the afternoon, you can join interactive sessions, see the new instruments and consumables in action, and discuss your challenges using mass photometry in roundtable discussions.

The confirmed event schedule will be published soon. However, we anticipate that this event will last all day (approximately from 9 am to 6 pm) and will be followed by informal networking and drinks at a nearby location. 

Keynote speaker 

Albert J. R. Heck 

Faculty professor at Utrecht University (the Netherlands)

Chair of the Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Group


Heck’s research focuses on the development and applications of mass spectrometry-based proteomics and structural biology. A pioneer in native MS and proteome wide cross-linking mass spectrometry, Heck has made seminal contributions to structural biology. Through this work his group has also been one of the early adopters of mass photometry. Heck is the recipient of several awards including the Field and Franklin Award (ACS), The Thomson Medal Award (IMSF), the Krebs Medal (FEBS) and Spinoza Award (NWO). He is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts (KNAW) and EMBO. 

Keynote title: Complementarity and versatility of mass photometry and native mass spectrometry for the characterization of biomolecular assemblies, from immune-complexes to gene-delivery vehicles.   

Abstract: Most methods for mass analysis typically measure ensembles of thousand to millions of molecules. While this approach enables analysis of monodisperse recombinant proteins, some heterogeneous protein assemblies pose a significant challenge, whereby co-occurring stoichiometries, sub-complexes, and modifications hamper analysis. To tackle the challenges posed by mass heterogeneity, single-particle methods may come to the rescue. Recently, two such approaches have been introduced, namely mass photometry (MP) and Orbitrap-based charge detection mass spectrometry (CDMS). Both methods assess masses of individual molecules, albeit adhering to distinct physical principles. In this talk I will describe and compare these methods side-by-side, with a prime focus on mass photometry. I will discuss pros and cons of these single-molecule techniques, also in the context of other techniques used for mass analysis. Several applications will be highlighted including analysis of antibody binding to the SARS-Cov2 spike-trimer, the buildup of the initial classical complement activation cascade, ribosomal particles, mRNA and AAV-based gene delivery vehicles.  

Closing Lecture

Justin Benesch2022.jpg

Justin Benesch 

Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at University of Oxford

Tutorial Fellow in Physical Chemistry at University College Oxford

Founder of Refeyn

Justin’s research focuses on innovative biophysical chemistry approaches, based on combing mass measurement with other experimental methods, simulations, quantitative thermodynamic and kinetic analysis. Justin is a pioneer in mass photometry and founder of Refeyn, which provides mass photometry solutions to the life sciences community. During his career, he has received numerous awards such as the Alfred Tiessieres Award, the Norman Heatley Award and the Howard Prize Lecture. He graduated in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, and then obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge for the development and application of novel mass spectrometry approaches. 

Talk title: The mass photometry story: past, present and future.

Important Dates

  • 03 January 2023: Registration opens

  • 20 April 2023: Registration deadline

  • 28 April 2023: Confirmation of selected talks and posters

  • 02 May 2023: Final agenda published

  • 23 May 2023: 2nd Mass Photometry Symposium and User Meeting takes place in person

Venue details

The one-day event will take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the below venue:


Courtyard by Marriott Boston Cambridge

777 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: +1 617-492-7777


From Central Square you can take bus # 47 to Granite Street at Pearl Street. The bus will stop by the Morse Elementary School.

From Granite Street continue to Riverside Road, beyond the Trader Joe’s parking lot is the Courtyard by Marriott Boston Cambridge.



Request to be dropped off at the Courtyard Marriott in Cambridge which is directly off Route 3 and is right in front of the Quarter Acre Park.



Take the first right from the Pleasant Street Exit off route 3 and enter the semi-circular driveway to arrive at the Courtyard Marriott Boston Cambridge.


Registration Form

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