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We truly believe in the potential of mass photometry to revolutionise bioanalytics. It is always heartening for us to learn about new applications of mass photometry.

To encourage and provide a platform for this unique technology to be shared with the community at large, we are offering a travel grant of up to £2,000 to any mass photometry users wishing to present their work featuring mass photometry at a scientific conference. The travel grant is designed to offset the cost of travel and any related expenses, to a conference of the applicant’s choice.

Applications will be judged by a panel of scientists based on the basis of novelty, impact and scientific merit.

Frequently asked questions


Who can apply?
Applications will be considered from any users of mass photometry, including early career scientists, graduate and PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, lab technicians, and staff scientists. 

Note: We are unable to pay awards to recipients in jurisdictions, countries or regions of the world subject to sanctions, embargoes or other political trade restrictions put in place by the United Nations, the EU or the UK.


What types of expenses will be covered by the Grant?

  • Conference registration fees

  • Travel (flights, trains, public transportation, etc.)

  • Accommodation


Guidelines for application:

  • All applicants must complete the form in English.

  • In addition to the completed application form, you may be required to submit additional documentation to justify predicted expenses.

  • If your application is successful, you will be required to sign an agreement of fair use.
  • The target conference and the reason for its choice should be clearly articulated in the application.

  • If successful in your application, we will pay the funds directly into your personal bank account (upon proof of acceptance for oral or poster presentation at the chosen conference).

  • Successful grant applicants’ name, presentation title, and institution will be featured across various Refeyn channels. Winners can also opt to work with Refeyn to create additional blog post, video, or other types of content featuring their research.

  • The grant shall be awarded only once every two years for any applicant.


Important Dates

  • The deadline for applications is 30 September 2022.

  • Successful applicant will be notified within 4 weeks from the application deadline.

  • Applications will not be considered retrospectively for any events that took place before the application deadline.

  • You can apply for a conference taking place between September 2022 – July 2023.

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