Mass Photometry Webinars

In the past we have hosted a range of webinars in which we discuss various applications of mass photometry, as well as how to get the best out of our technology. You can re-watch any of them on this page. To stay updated on upcoming webinars, you can subscribe to our email list by clicking here.  


Using Mass Photometry to Quantitate CaMKII stoichiometries

Rewatch our webinar feat. Prof. Margaret Stratton (UMass Amherst), featuring her work on the role of CaMKII​ in different tissues. Mass photometry helps to quantitatively determine the stoichiometry of different variants of this crucial oligomeric enzyme.

Measuring the heterogeneity of macromolecular machines by mass photometry

In this webinar, Dr. Adar Sonn-Segev presents how mass photometry provides quantitative information on sample heterogeneity using minimal volumes with molecular resolution. She also discusses how this approach applies to several different workflows including chemical crosslinking and multi-step purification, comparing it to the standard tools for sample purity.

Applications of Mass Photometry

In this webinar, Prof. Benesch discusses examples of mass photometry measurements for large protein complexes and draws comparisons with mass measurements obtained from native mass spectrometry and other techniques. Following this, Dr. Hundt shares details of one specific use of mass photometry: the real-time visualisation of the nucleation process of actin filaments.

Quantifying protein-protein interactions by molecular counting with mass photometry

Dr. Grzegorz Piszczek (Director of the Biophysics Core Facility, NIH) and Fabian Soltermann (PhD candidate, Oxford University) discuss how mass photometry can be used to characterise and determine purity, stoichiometry, binding affinity and kinetics of multi-protein interactions. They also cover a recent application of mass photometry: Quantifying interactions of antibody with Fc-receptors revealed influence of glycosylation and pH dependent interactions.

Measuring Molecules with Light

This webinar features our co-founder, Prof. Philipp Kukura, talking about how mass photometry offers a universal way to study biomolecules, as well as its strengths and limitations.

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