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Mission and Values

At Refeyn, our team is our biggest asset, which is why we’re committed to maintaining a culture that puts our people at the centre of everything we do. Our values keep us focussed on what matters most and help guide us as we continue to grow. ​

Our mission

To transform analytical workflows in the life sciences, biopharma and beyond, using the power of light.

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Share the team workload

We actively offer support to, and encourage our colleagues to ask for help when needed.

We genuinely enjoy helping one another succeed.

We take the time to recognise when someone has gone above and beyond.


Make our actions transparent

We communicate candidly.


We are responsible for the reputation and credibility of mass photometry through our actions.


We strive for authenticity and uphold scientific integrity.


Celebrate each others’ differences

We empathise, hear each other out, listen and understand before reacting.

We ensure everyone is confident that their voice matters.

We seek to learn from each other


Push the limits of what our technology and team can do

We seek to grow by broadening our knowledge.

We recognise our scientific potential.

We set ambitious goals and take conscious risks to achieve them


Enable our customers to succeed

We anticipate our customers’ needs.

We elicit input and integrate feedback.

We deliver solutions to achieve new and better outcomes.

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