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[App note] Mass Photometry in Denaturing Conditions

Updated: Feb 8

Mass photometry quantifies the mass distribution of biomolecules in solution. Its use in analysing biological samples for purity, integrity and function in native conditions has been established.

However, its performance in denaturing conditions has not yet been thoroughly evaluated. In our most recent application note, we demonstrate that mass photometry is a useful tool for monitoring the denaturation and renaturation processes of proteins within multimeric complexes, and for easily comparing the efficacies of denaturants.

As with all MP applications, only a minimal amount of sample is needed, making it easy to test a wide range of denaturation conditions. To exemplify the benefits and limitations of MP in un/refolding experiments, the application focuses on #enolase, a protein that is known to reversibly unfold.

Check out the app note by downloading it here.

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