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Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

Updated: Feb 19

At Refeyn, we believe that feminism is for everybody! Not just on Women's Day, but every day, Team Refeyn strives to take action towards equality and celebrate the achievements of our amazing female employees.

This year, our employees participated in a discussion about how we can create a more equal workplace, and reiterated their commitment to #BreakTheBias.

Refeyn team

Our CEO, Anthony Fernandez also made a statement recognizing the steps Refeyn has taken towards promoting diversity, and creating a supportive and equal workplace for our female employees.

"At Refeyn, we believe that diversity makes us stronger – we celebrate each other’s differences and strive to build an inclusive culture, where we learn from one another and appreciate that each voice matters. We believe that a diverse workforce is key to accelerating innovation, which in turn helps us push the limits of what our technology can do.

We are proud that women represent over 40% of our workforce, however, today is an important reminder of how much more there is to be done to create opportunities for women in our industry and how much we will accomplish when we do so.

We all have our unconscious biases, and it is up to us as individuals to recognise what they are, challenge the status quo and change them.

Refeyn is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day and is committed to #BreakTheBias."

Refeyn is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day

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