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Measuring PROTAC complexes with mass photometry | Refeyn

Updated: May 16

Our most recent application note explores a new use-case for mass photometry - measuring the formation of PROTAC ternary complexes. Click here to download and read it!

Brief description:

Small molecule-induced selective degradation of target proteins is one of the most promising new generation drug discovery approaches. Small bifunctional molecules as exemplified by PROTACs (PROteolysis-TArgeting Chimeras), can induce the recruitment of a target protein to an E3 ligase, subsequently forming a target/PROTAC/ligase ternary complex to facilitate cellular target’s degradation via the proteasome.

The application note introduces a mass photometry-based assay, which can inform on the key aspects of the ternary complex formation. In contrast to other methods, mass photometry (MP) experiments do not require protein labelling or immobilisation and therefore allow direct visualisation and quantification of true molecule behaviour in solution.

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