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Introducing the Refeynery: The forum for all things mass photometry!

Updated: Mar 21

We're proud to announce the launch of a recent initiative of ours - the Refeynery!

The Refeynery

The Refeynery is an interactive forum promoting an exchange of information and ideas around mass photometry. From learning about the basics of mass photometry experiments, to showcasing publications around the technology, to identifying new applications of mass photometry, and more - we hope this will be a space where anyone interested in mass photometry can find some answers.

As a quick note - the Refeynery is not meant to replace our existing support channels, and for any customer-related information, it is best to reach out to us directly. However, we encourage anyone interested in mass photometry to sign up and join the conversation, and invite any feedback that can help us continue to push the boundaries of this incredible technology.

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