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Software release: Refeyn AcquireMP and DiscoverMP, v2.3

Updated: Feb 19

We are glad to announce the releases of Refeyn AcquireMP 2.3.0 and Refeyn DiscoverMP 2.3.0. The new versions include new and improved features and bug fixes.

AcquireMP 2.3 will have a new find-focus routine, which will move the sample from any starting position into focus on the press of a button. The new version also features completely loss-less MP-file compression that leads to ca. 40% reduction in file size. The new version also comes with better data quality metrics, and an improved interface to switch between three settings profiles. This will allow the user to more easily and finely adjust the image size to obtain the best compromise between sensitivity and count statistics for a given sample.

Refeyn AcquireMP 2.3

DiscoverMP 2.3 features a new multiple histogram dialog that allows the user to combine and compare histograms from multiple measurements, and an improved and more feature-rich histogram panel for a more advanced inspection and interpretation of mass distributions.

Refeyn DiscoverMP 2.3

Detailed release notes can be found by clicking here. We invite our users to install the new releases and give them a try, so you can share any feedback with us. The software team thanks the entire user base for excellent feedback and feature suggestions.

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