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Our very first webinar featuring Prof. Philipp Kukura!

Updated: Feb 19

We recently hosted our first ever #webinar featuring our co-founder Prof. Philipp Kukura.

In his webinar, Prof. Kukura discussed how mass photometry offers a universal way to study biomolecules, as well as its strengths and limitations.

Watch the full video here.

Webinar Abstract:

Physiological and pathological processes are mediated by the interactions between different biomolecules. Studying these functional and malfunctional associations is key to elucidating the molecular mechanisms of life, and to develop new means to combating disease.

Successful in vitro studies of protein and macromolecular function rely heavily on well-defined samples. The purity, homogeneity, structural integrity, and activity of all components of these samples must be quantified.

While there are numerous established methods for sample quality assessment, mass photometry can accurately measure the mass of individual molecules in solution without the need for any labels. Mass photometry is a completely new technology that enables researchers to characterize biomolecular composition, structure, and dynamics.

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