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Refeyn closed Series B funding round

Updated: Jan 18

Oxford, UK – 11 April 2022 – Refeyn Ltd., the mass photometry pioneer, has announced the successful completion of its Series B funding round.

The oversubscribed Series B financing was led by Northpond Ventures, a leading scientific, medical, and technology-driven venture firm. The round was also strongly supported by existing investors, including Oxford Science Enterprises, Foresight Group, Oxford University and Horizons Ventures.

Mass photometry, Refeyn’s unique and disruptive technology, can rapidly and simply measure the mass of individual molecules and particles in solution. The technology transforms our ability to characterise the composition, structure and dynamics of biomolecules and biomolecular complexes, nanostructures, and viral capsids.

Refeyn has recently expanded its offering of mass photometry systems. Following on their market success, the TwoMP, a second-generation mass photometry solution pushing the performance further, was released in 2021. In January 2022, they released the SamuxMP mass photometer, which dramatically improves the time and cost efficiency of adeno-associated-virus (AAV) characterisation. This was followed by an automated mass photometer, the TwoMP Auto, in February 2022, which is ideal for performing series of repeated measurements such as screenings and titration assays.

Proceeds from this funding round will support further portfolio expansion. The company is positioning mass photometry as a key analysis method for biotherapeutics – from discovery to manufacture – while also growing the pool of mass photometry applications outside the bioanalytics space.

Anthony Fernandez, CEO of Refeyn Ltd., said:

“In little over three years, Refeyn has established mass photometry as a game-changing bioanalytical tool – helping the scientific and biopharma communities characterise biomolecules and accelerate the development of novel therapies. Thanks to our team’s rapid progress and the support of our Series B investors, Refeyn is well-positioned to further expand the use of mass photometry – by unlocking new applications in the life sciences and beyond, and scaling our platform for use in process development and manufacturing in biopharma.”

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