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ScienceDirect features MP as a tool to analyse protein-protein interactions

A recent article in ScienceDirect talks about how mass photometry can be used to analyse protein-protein interaction experiments at a single molecule level.

While current bioanalytical technologies exist for these kind of experiments, they can be time consuming, expensive, or require high levels of expertise. Mass photometry eliminates these efficiencies, allowing for the measurement of protein-protein interaction affinities on a single-molecule level, without sample labeling or modification, in a matter of minutes, and using minute amounts of sample.

Read the full article here:

Di Wu, Grzegorz Piszczek,

Measuring the affinity of protein-protein interactions on a single-molecule level by mass photometry,

Analytical Biochemistry, Volume 592, 2020, 113575,

ISSN 0003-2697,

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