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Webinar Alert! - Applications of Mass Photometry - 14th November 2019

Updated: Feb 19

We're proud to announce our upcoming webinar featuring Prof. Justin Benesch

- University of Oxford & Chief Innovation Officer, Refeyn Ltd. , and Dr. Nikolas Hundt, Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich.

Date : 14th November 2019

Time : Berlin Time: 5:00 pm, London Time: 4:00 pm, Boston Time: 11:00 am, San Diego Time: 8:00 am, Dubai Time: 8:00 pm

In this webinar, Prof. Benesch will first introduce the mass photometry system. He will discuss examples of mass photometry measurements for large protein complexes ranging from homogeneous, mono disperse oligomers to those that extremely polydisperse and heterogeneous, and draw comparisons with mass measurements obtained from native mass spectrometry and other techniques.

Following this, Dr. Hundt will share details of one specific use of mass photometry: the real-time visualisation of the nucleation process of actin filaments.

These examples demonstrate how mass photometry can serve as a powerful new tool to study biomolecular interaction and how it generates invaluable insight into the mechanistic details of these reactions.


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