A mass photometer for AAV analytics

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The Refeyn SamuxMP is a mass photometer optimised for adeno-associated virus (AAV) characterisation and is an essential analytical tool for laboratories working with AAVs. The SamuxMP precisely measures the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype. SamuxMP mass photometry measurements are rapid and require very little sample.

Quantitative characterisation of AAVs


  • Empty/full AAV ratio measurement

  • Serotype-independent analysis

Rapid analysis requiring little sample

  • < 5 minutes to result

  • Little sample needed

  • Minimal sample preparation

  • Very low operating costs

User friendly operation

  • User training < 1 day

  • Software customised for AAV analysis

  • Benchtop instrument

  • Easy decontamination

Transformative AAV analytics


The Samux

Empty/full measurement of AAVs

Mass photometry is a bioanalytical technology that measures the mass of individual AAV particles in solution, rapidly and using small sample amounts.


Mass photometry is ideally suited for measurements of empty/full capsid ratios, as filled AAV capsids have greater mass, so they can be distinguished from empty capsids on mass photometry histograms (Fig 1). 

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Figure 1 Mass photometry measurement of AAV capsids (AAVDJ serotype) with SamuxMP.  Two distinct peaks are visible: one with lower mass corresponding to empty capsids, and a second with higher mass corresponding to full capsids.

Figure 2 Mass photometry measurements of empty AAV capsids of different serotypes on the SamuxMP. Mass histograms for four different AAV serotypes, with the mass and standard deviation calculated from three technical replicates.

To learn more about the SamuxMP and
mass photometry on AAVs, download our product sheet

Serotype-agnostic AAV analytics

Different AAV serotypes can be measured on the SamuxMP mass photometer.


Figure 2 shows SamuxMP measurements of empty AAV capsids of four different AAV serotypes.


For each sample, the mass photometry measurements with the SamuxMP revealed a single, symmetric peak at the expected mass, confirming that the SamuxMP produces consistent results across serotypes

Further resources

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Webinar : Are Your AAVs Filled? Determine Rapidly with Mass Photometry

In this webinar, you will learn more about the SamuxMP, our novel mass photometer tailored to address the challenges of AAV characterisation. Moreover, we will see data proving its ability to reliably quantify the empty-full particle ratio for different AAV serotypes and at different purification levels. Register now.

Live demo : Watch the SamuxMP in action

Register for an upcoming remote demo on the SamuxMP, where a mass photometry expert will explain the principle behind the technology, and demonstrate measurements of AAV samples on the instrument. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session. Sign up to save your spot!

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