Software release 

Last updated : 28 April 2021



DMP 2.4
  • Added special support for measurements of adeno-associated virus particles (AAVs). Measurements recorded in AcquireMP with "AAV Measurement Mode" are automatically analysed by DiscoverMP with a special pipeline and the empty/filled proportion is calculated and displayed.

  • Added integrity checking mechanism to results for traceability. This permits the detection of manipulation or corruption of data.

  • Added Measurement Report Dialog that allows the user to view and export a measurement report to PDF, CSV, or JSON files. The report includes acquisition and analysis settings plus user notes, analysis results, and various identifiers for traceability. Descriptions for all data fields can be displayed if desired.

  • Introduced systematic handling of settings as follows: 1) Loading a results folder uses the original settings from that analysis. 2) Opening an mp file keeps settings which have been manually customised in this session, and otherwise uses Refeyn's suggested defaults assessed against the mp file. 3) Reset settings discards customised settings, restoring to the defaults or results folder settings.

  • Added Histogram Export Dialog for customising the look of exported histograms.

  • Histogram annotation text boxes can now be moved with the mouse - not only in the main window and the Multiple Histogram Dialog but also in the Export Histogram Dialog.

  • Added progress bars for slow operations like saving.

  • Added warnings against incompatible Mass Calibration files such as those from a different instrument.

  • Reduced peak memory consumption by about 40%.

  • Fixed bugs in multiple histogram dialog.

  • Updated export video codec.



AMP 2.4
  • Added the Buffer-Free Find Focus routine to allow an initial focus search on a dry slide, before refining the focus position after adding sample. This is a beta feature.

  • Renamed the routine Find Focus to Droplet-Dilution Find Focus to distinguish it from Buffer-Free Find Focus.

  • Added the option to select a Measurement Mode in the Acquisition Camera Settings Dialog. The Measurement Mode controls acquisition settings and writes the mode setting to the movie file. DiscoverMP uses this information to adjust analysis settings accordingly.

  • Introduced AAV Measurement Mode for experiments with adeno-associated virus (AAV) samples.

  • Added Startup-Tips popup on first use to walk through the process of a measurement.

  • Added Concentration Calculator utility for convenience.

  • Added time unit to track slider of movie panel so that duration and time points can be specified in either frames or seconds.

  • Set the default recording length to 60 seconds.

  • Internally restructured the code to better handle instrument hardware variations.

  • Allows users to record sample information and comments when saving the movie. This information can be viewed when analysing the data in DiscoverMP.

  • Added a record of which instrument serial number this installation of AcquireMP is associated with.

  • Added progress bars for slow operations like saving.

  • Improved the performance of the auto-focus routine.

  • Fixed issues around loading and updating of settings.