Software release 

Last updated : 30 March 2020


  • In the settings dialog, there is now the option to turn on motion correction (this feature is off by default). This will attempt to remove the lateral motion component from the ratiometric frames.

  • Added ability to exclude frames in the movie where there was a large amount of motion detected. This is achieved by applying temporal masks over the high motion region.

  • Added "What’s This?" feature. If you click on the question mark buttons followed by a widget, a box will appear giving you a detailed description and sometimes the relevant link to the user manual if appropriate.

  • Quality checks for the movie can now be accessed by the "i" button. If the movie has a worse than expected quality, then this button will turn red and pop up a message.

  • Significant changes to the UI including the histogram moving location and a change in colour scheme.

  • Added option to export histogram and KDE plots as CSV files.

  • Added option to combine mass calibration files from within the mass calibration dialog.

  • Highlighting over a point in the mass calibration graph will give details about the point.

  • The CSV files saved in the results folder now have more informative headings.

  • The option to select the mass calibration has been added to the batch processing dialog.


  • Return to focus feature added.

  • Change of movie saturation limits in percentages.

  • Checkbox added in the auto-focus camera settings to toggle display of mask.

  • Lateral motion monitor has been added to the acquisition panel.

  • Default regions of interest have been added to the acquisition camera settings dialog.

  • Optimise illumination has been added to the acquisition camera settings dialog.

  • Warning implemented that is raised when the auto-focus camera is over- or under-exposed.

  • Information button added that reports quality about a recorded movie's signal and motion.

  • Option to tag recorded movies as mass calibrant movies for use in Refeyn DiscoverMP.

  • Option to save log files and error log files added to the help tab.

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