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Virtual Product Show & Tell

Want to see mass photometry in action? Sign up for an upcoming virtual product Show & Tell! In these events, a technology expert will showcase one of our mass photometers and answer any questions you may have about our technology. 

Virtual Two MP  Show & Tell

21 September 2022

Watch our flagship mass photometer in action! With the Refeyn TwoMP, you can obtain high-fidelity measurements of molecular mass using minimal quantities of sample, in a matter of minutes.

Pick from two convenient time slots


Virtual Two MP Auto Show & Tell

29 September 2022

Watch how the TwoMP Auto combines the ease and efficiency of automation with the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of Refeyn’s molecular mass measurement technology, freeing up operator time and offering enhanced precision.

Pick from two convenient time slots


Virtual Samux MP  Show & Tell

19 October 2022

​Transform your AAV analytics with mass photometry! Sign up to watch how the SamuxMP lets you reliably quantify the empty-full particle ratio for different AAV serotypes, while saving time and resources.

Pick from two convenient time slots

Virtual Two Show & Tell.png
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