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TwoMP Auto
Automated mass photometry

Automated mass photometry combines the ease and efficiency of automation with the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of Refeyn’s molecular mass measurement technology. The automated mass photometer frees up operator time and offers enhanced precision, enabling rapid measurement of multiple samples with low sample consumption. Automation is compatible with both the OneMP and the TwoMP.

  • Rapid, automated measurement of multiple samples

  • Ideal for screening and titration assays

  • Highly reproducible data with a user-friendly software

  • Compatible with TwoMP and OneMP units

Automated mass characterisation

  • Rapid measurement of multiple samples

  • One hour of autonomous measurement

  • Ideal for screening and titration assays 

Highly reproducible data

  • Precision pipetting

  • Consistent measurements

Intuitive operation

  • A user-friendly software interface

  • Automation unit compatible with TwoMP and OneMP

Plus, all the benefits of mass photometry:

Mass measurement in solution, without the need for labels

Single molecule counting

Minimal sample required

Key advances

Highly reproducible results

The liquid-handling robot autonomously analyses 24 samples in as little as 90 minutes in a highly reproducible manner.


A straightforward, repeated measurement of a sample containing the antibody IgG illustrates the precision of the automated mass photometer, which is reflected in the high degree of reproducibility of the resulting data (Fig. 1).


Figure 1A shows histograms of 12 repeated measurements of an IgG sample made using automated mass photometry. Across the wells that contain the sample, the measured mass (Fig. 1B) and total counts (Fig. 1C) show low variability.

TwoMP Auto Image_edited.png

Figure 1 Automated mass photometry measurements are highly reproducible. Autonomously run mass photometry measurements show (A) the mass distributions of IgG forming monomers and dimers (inset: mass histograms for each well). The measured mass (B) and total counts (C) across the wells show low variability. 

To learn more about automated mass photometry and to see the data on example experiments, download our brochure.

Key advances

Frequently asked questions


Which mass photometers are compatible with the ‘Auto’? 

If you already have a TwoMP, SamuxMP or an OneMP, these mass photometers can be upgraded to automated systems. New automated mass photometers are available for purchase as TwoMP Auto and SamuxMP Auto. 


What consumables are available for the TwoMP Auto? 

We recommend using the Refeyn mass photometry consumables for Automated Systems. If you have a new TwoMP Auto instrument, you can order a Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to prepare samples and run a measurement (sample carrier slides and sample well cassettes to support 120 sample measurements, and the Alignment Assist Package to affix the sample well cassette). You can top up your supply of consumables with the Sample Preparation Package, which includes ready-to-use sample carrier slides and sample well cassettes to support 300 sample measurements or the Sample Carrier Slide-Only Package for Automated Systems (based on your needs). 


Is the TwoMP Auto able to dilute samples?

Yes, there is an ‘in-plate’ dilution capability, and the user can select the following options in the software (version R1 2023): 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000.


What are the specs for TwoMP Auto? 

In terms of mass photometry, these are the same as the mass photometer inside the ‘Auto’. For ‘Auto’ specific specs, please refer to the data sheet.


Further resources



Automated Mass Photometry: Easing the Path to Biomolecular Characterization

In this webinar, we discuss in detail, automated mass photometry and show data on some of its most attractive applications—such as screening and titration assays. We illustrate how automation and the associated improvement in reproducibility can make biomolecular characterization with mass photometry even easier. .


Characterizing protein oligomerization with automated mass photometry

Read this application note and learn how you can use the TwoMP Auto mass photometer to characterize protein oligomerization. Discover how you can measure the mass distribution of protein samples in solution, at a single molecule level, and ability to detect rare species. Learn also how you can use mass photometry to measure the impact of effector molecules, pH and other parameters on the oligomerization behavior of your sample.  

Characterizing protein oligomerization.png
Further Resources

Purchase ready-to-use
mass photometry consumables

4-0003 MP Starter Kit_Automated systems_

Introducing a ready-to-use range of mass photometry consumables for all our instruments!

Using mass photometry consumables you can benefit from hassle-free measurements, with reduced sample preparation time and greater data confidence from consistent measurement conditions.

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