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Gain insight into weak protein-protein interactions

MassFluidix® HC system 

Refeyn’s microfluidics system, MassFluidix HC, significantly expands the range of sample concentrations amenable to investigation by mass photometry, by raising the upper sample concentration limit from the nanomolar to the micromolar range. This enables applications such as the characterization of low-affinity interactions. 

MassFluidix HC is an add-on for Refeyn’s TwoMP and OneMP mass photometers and includes a central unit with fluid controls and a rapid dilution chip.

  • Measurement of concentrated samples

  • Uses rapid dilution

  • Add-on to TwoMP and OneMP

Characterization of concentrated samples

  • Starting concentration up to tens of micromolar

  • Measurement of low-affinity and transient interactions

  • Rapid dilution: Sample reaches observation window in < 50 ms

Rapid analysis requiring little sample

  • Experimental setup < 5 min​

  • Cleaning protocol < 15 min

  • Little sample needed (5 – 20 μL)​

  • Minimal sample preparation

User-friendly operation

  • User training takes just one day

  • User-friendly fluid control software

  • Benchtop instrument

Rapid dilution of highly concentrated samples
The MassFluidix HC system

Mass photometry is a bioanalytical technology that rapidly measures the mass of biomolecules in solution without the need for labels.

The MassFluidix HC system allows mass photometry characterization of concentrated samples (micromolar range) by rapidly diluting the sample and capturing its characteristics, before the biomolecular system’s equilibrium is disrupted by the dilution. This enables, for example, the detection and quantification of low-affinity complexes that are unstable at low sample concentrations (Fig. 1).


Fig. 1 Rapid dilution by MassFluidix HC reveals low-affinity complexes. The IgG antibody trastuzumab was mixed with the soluble domain of the IgG neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) at a 1:10 ratio (pH 5.0). After manual dilution (shown in orange), peaks corresponding to FcRn monomers and IgG monomers were detected. After rapid dilution with MassFluidix HC (shown in blue), additional peaks corresponding to FcRn dimers and IgG-FcRn complexes with 1:1 and 1:2 stoichiometry were also observed.

Learn more about the MassFluidix HC system for rapid dilution via microfluidics

Ready-to-use consumables for
MassFluidix HC

Close-up of the MassFluidix HC chip, which contains three channels.

Top up your supply of consumables for mass photometry analysis of concentrated protein samples with MassFluidix HC.​


Purchase the sample preparation package, which includes MassFluidix HC chips and bubble traps sufficient for 15 experiments.​

Visit the consumables page below to learn more.​

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