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SamuxMP Auto
A mass photometer for automated AAV analysis

The SamuxMP Auto is the automated mass photometer for AAV characterization, autonomously measuring up to 24 samples in approximately 90 minutes. The instrument rapidly measures AAV empty/full ratios, sample purity and particle aggregation for any AAV serotype – with high precision and reproducibility.

  • Rapid characterization of empty/full AAV capsid ratio

  • Automated technology - 24 measurements in about 90 min

  • Highly reproducible data with minimal sample preparation

  • Automation unit retrofittable to the SamuxMP

Characterization of AAV samples

  • Empty/full AAV capsid ratio 

  • Partially filled and overfilled capsids

  • Detection of aggregates and impurities

  • Rough titer estimation

Automated measurement

Easy setup

  • 24 measurements in about 90 min

  • High reproducibility

  • Automation unit retrofittable to the SamuxMP

  • Benchtop instrument

  • Minimal sample preparation

  • Minimal training required

Key advances of the SamuxMP Auto

The SamuxMP Auto offers all the advantages of AAV capsid analysis with mass photometry while adding convenience and reproducibility via automated, highly consistent sample manipulation (Fig. 1). It accurately measures empty/full capsid ratios of AAVs, and detects partially filled and overfilled AAVs in heterogeneous samples.

The SamuxMP Auto can autonomously analyze 24 samples in as little as 90 minutes, yet fits on a benchtop. Its integrated software suite allows the user to define measurement protocols, analyzes the 24 measurements on the fly, and makes it easy to plot and export the resulting data in a variety of formats.

The robotics unit can be retrofitted to existing SamuxMP instruments.

A sample mass histogram showing SamuxMP Auto data analyzing empty/full AAV capsid ratios.

Fig. 1. The SamuxMP Auto offers autonomous and reproducible measurements. The mass histogram above shows the overlay of 22 measurements of different aliquots from the same AAV sample, illustrating the reproducibility of the measurements.

Key advances

SamuxMP software package for GMP

Software solution expands the use of the SamuxMP and the SamuxMP Auto mass photometers to GMP - regulated environments and enables their use within AAV-based gene therapy manufacturing pipelines.

Refeyn gmp compliance_ for PR_edited.jpg

The software package supports compliance with 
the FDA 21 CFR 11 (US) and EU GMP Annex 11​ 
regulations. It includes three applications: ManageMP, 
AcquireMP and EvaluateMPS. 
The Refeyn service teams also provide installation 
and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ), as well as 
documentation and on-site training.


To learn more about the SamuxMP Auto and automated mass photometry of AAVs, download the brochure

Frequently asked questions


How many samples can the SamuxMP Auto measure autonomously? 

It can measure 24 samples autonomously including calibrants. After 24 samples, the glass sample carrier slide must be exchanged manually.


Can the SamuxMP Auto do in-plate dilutions prior to the measurement?

Yes, it can do dilutions in the 96-well plate. Dilutions are limited to factors that are multiples of 10.


Do I need to calibrate the SamuxMP Auto? How often? 

Yes, we recommend running a calibrant as the first and last sample on every 24-well slide. This will ensure the highest mass accuracy and serve as an internal control. We recommend performing a 1-point calibration with empty AAV capsids of known mass.  


Is the SamuxMP Auto GMP compliant? 

A software package compliant with FDA and EU GMP Annex 11​ regulations is available for use with the SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto. In addition, the Refeyn service teams provide installation and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ) for instruments destined to GMP-regulated environments.


Further resources

samuxmp-auto - webinar.jpg


Demonstrating Analytical Comparability in Analytical Development

In this webinar, James Walkinson gives an overview of how mass photometry works and present the SamuxMP product line, which is tailored for the analysis of AAVs. James provides benchmarking data to compare mass photometry with other technologies that are gold standards for AAV characterization, and presents case studies showing the performance of the SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto mass photometers.  


Streamlining AAV characterization with automated mass photometry

In this webinar, Svea Cheeseman, Director of Product Management for Cell & Gene Therapy at Refeyn, discusses how mass photometry can be used to characterize AAV capsids – by measuring the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype with low sample consumption. She also introduces the SamuxMP Auto, Refeyn’s automated mass photometer for rapid and autonomous analysis of AAV samples.

Further resources

Ready-to-use consumables for SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto

MassFerence P2_BW_label_gradient backgro

Top up your supply of consumables for analyzing AAV samples with the SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto mass photometers. Refeyn’s consumables are recommended to ensure consistent measurements.  

Purchase the sample preparation packs which include sample carrier slides and sample cassettes with 6 or 24 wells. Order MassFerence P2, a calibrant tailored for AAV analytics with the Samux mass photometers. Click below to learn more.

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