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MassFerence P2 calibrator for AAV analytics with mass photometry

Updated: Feb 22

Calibrant for AAV samples, AAV analytics with mass photometry

The new calibrant for mass photometry offers a standardized reference to increase replicability across experiments, instruments and laboratories.


Oxford, UK (7th November 2023) – Refeyn is pleased to announce the expansion of the consumables portfolio for mass photometry. Refeyn has created a new product line of mass reference standards, MassFerence, which help streamline sample characterization with mass photometry.

Today we are launching MassFerence P2, a calibrant for AAV analytics recommended for use with SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto mass photometers. The new calibrant is provided in a dry form and compatible with a wide range of standard buffers for reconstitution.

MassFerence P2 will be available for order from 8th January 2024. The new calibrant is recommended for all SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto users operating within R&D, process development and manufacturing environments.

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