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A new era in the analysis of biomolecules

The new Refeyn OneMP brings mass photometry into daily laboratory life.​ This unique instrument allows you to characterise your molecule of interest with unprecedented sensitivity, speed, accuracy and simplicity.

Minimal setup required 

A compact, bench-top instrument with minimal installation requirements. Measurements only require a few microliters of sample and clean, high-quality coverslips.

Intuitive & efficient

Refeyn’s software automatically controls the acquisition process and performs the mass analysis in minutes. You can intuitively interpret the mass distribution results without the need for any a priori knowledge.

Unprecedented accuracy

With its high sensitivity, One    is ideally suited for measurements at physiological (i.e. low) concentrations, while the high dynamic range intrinsic to single molecule counting techniques ensures low abundance species to still be captured accurately.

Refeyn OneMP is the ideal instrument to monitor protein purification, optimise samples and study protein function and interactions in their native environment. 
Figure: Mass photometry easily quantifies the different species of a therapeutic mono-clonal antibody with high resolution and repeatability.