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A new era in the analysis of biomolecules

"We have been using the Refeyn OneMP mass photometer in our biophysics lab in Gothenburg for several months now. It has been invaluable in a number of studies, ranging from simple cases of clarifying the oligomeric states of drug targets to elucidating complex binding mechanisms of small molecules. I believe Refeyn's mass photometry is a great piece of technology for any biophysics lab.”


- Anders Gunnarsson, Associate Principal Scientist, Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca R&D

The Refeyn OneMP brings mass photometry into daily laboratory life.​ This unique instrument allows you to characterise your molecule of interest with unprecedented sensitivity, speed and simplicity.

High fidelity measurements

With its high sensitivity, OneMP is ideally suited for measurements at physiological (i.e. low) concentrations, while the high dynamic range intrinsic to single molecule counting techniques ensures low abundance species to still be captured accurately.

Intuitive & efficient

Refeyn’s software automatically controls the acquisition process and performs the mass analysis in minutes. You can intuitively interpret the mass distribution results without the need for any a priori knowledge.

Minimal setup required 

A compact, bench-top instrument with minimal installation requirements. Measurements only require a few microliters of sample and clean, high-quality coverslips.

Mass photometry in action

Refeyn Show Housing (no shadow)_edited.p

Mass photometry measures mass at the single molecule level, providing insights into the composition and function of even complex samples and molecular mechanisms. This unique technology can be used to detect and characterise proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and / or sugars, providing information on structure (oligomeric state, modification), homogeneity, and function (quantifying interactions) – all in a matter of minutes, and using tiny amounts of sample. 

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