Mass photometry

Weighing molecules with light

A revolutionary new technology

Mass photometry is a revolutionary new method of analysing molecules. It enables the accurate mass measurement of single molecules in solution, in their native state and without the need for labels.


This approach opens up new possibilities for bioanalytics and research into the functions of biomolecules.

Our products

Refeyn Two MP


A mass photometer for biomolecular characterisation

Samux MP


A mass photometer for transformative AAV analytics

Two MP  Auto


Harness the power of automated mass photometry

Our team

The opportunity around our unique technology has attracted a passionate team of people who collectively have spent decades developing and commercialising microscopes and other analytical instrumentation.

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About us

Refeyn pioneers mass photometry technology, producing a disruptive new generation of analytical instruments. Spun out of Oxford University in 2018 to share its technology globally, Refeyn is transforming biomolecular characterisation across academia and industry.


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