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Submit a webinar proposal to Refeyn

Collaborate with Refeyn on an exciting journey of knowledge sharing with the mass photometry community!

Our expert webinar series that have been widely recognized in the scientific community, is your opportunity to highlight groundbreaking work and inspire others in our field. By delivering webinars you can start building your profile as a key expert in the field. Submit your proposal today for the chance to take the stage in the next Refeyn webinar.

Why partner with Refeyn for a webinar?

High visibility


Deliver a webinar with leading scientific publishers like Nature, Science, and Wiley, ensuring your work reaches a wide audience of peers and pioneers in your field.

Effortless preparation

Our editorial team will guide you through the process, making it a smooth and enriching experience.

Community spotlight

Shine a light on your innovative research and join a community at the forefront of scientific discovery. You will also be featured in a user interview.

How it works


  1. Submit Your Proposal: Submit a reference paper and detail the impact of mass photometry in your study/field.

  2. Editorial Review: Our team of experts will review proposals, selecting those that showcase impactful use of mass photometry. There is a limited number of webinar slots available for 2024.

  3. Let’s collaborate: If selected, we will work closely with you to develop a compelling webinar presentation.

  4. Reach your audience: Your webinar will be promoted across various platforms, amplifying the impact of your research.

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