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Our new Resources section is live!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Whether you're interested in learning the basics of mass photometry or looking for a particular application area, you're bound to find something in our new Resources section, which compiles all our available materials on our unique technology.

In the Resources section, you can find:

  • Application Notes: Browse through our library of carefully created application notes that cover some of the key applications of mass photometry.

  • Webinars: Watch and listen to previous online events in which our customers and employees talk about how to get the best out of our technology.

  • Featured publications: Discover how mass photometry is being used to support science all over the world, in a variety of featured publications.

  • The Refeynery Forum: Got a question about our technology? Get it answered at the Refeynery, the forum for all things mass photometry! Find a wealth of FAQs as well as official answers to some of the common questions about mass photometry.

You can visit our new Resources section by clicking here.

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