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Mass photometry quantifies molecular machine heterogeneity

Updated: Feb 19


Rewatch our latest webinar featuring Dr. Adar Sonn-Segev, now available on our YouTube channel. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How mass photometry provides a label-free measurement method for the mass of single molecules

  • Quantifications of sample purity and heterogeneity for different protein complexes, including membrane protein, flexible protein, multi-subunit and endogenous complexes

  • Application of this quantification of mass heterogeneity to several different biochemical assays

  • Quantitative comparison of mass distributions between mass photometry and other types of quality characterization tools for protein complexes

  • Where mass photometry has an added benefit

Read the associated publication here :

Quantifying the heterogeneity of macromolecular machines by mass photometry

About the speaker:

Adar received her PhD in Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University, under the guidance of Yael Roichman and Haim Diamant in microrheology of soft matter. In 2016 she moved to the University of Oxford as a Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow with Philipp Kukura in scattering microscopy approaches for nanoparticle and protein imaging, finally specializing in several applications of mass photometry. In April 2020 she joined Refeyn Ltd as Field Applications Specialist based in Israel.

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