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A mass photometry calibrant for
accurate AAV analytics

Streamline characterization of AAV vectors with mass photometry tools


Mass photometry is an ideal tool for characterization of AAV vectors that can be used for frequent checking of samples during purification of AAV vectors in R&D as well as AAV vector manufacturing workflows.  Mass photometers tailored for analytics of recombinant AAV are SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto, enabling rapid determination of AAV empty full ratio, detection of partials, AAV aggregates as well as estimation of AAV titer.

A custom calibrant for use with AAV samples, MassFerence P2, allows to further streamline AAV characterization. MassFerence P2 provides a standardized mass reference to increase replicability across experiments, instruments and laboratories. 

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How does the mass photometry calibration work? 


During a mass photometry measurement, each particle that lands on the glass surface of the slide produces a contrast signal that is linearly related to its molecular mass. By using a sample of molecules with known masses as calibrant, it is possible to convert these contrast signals to molecular mass values.


Refeyn has developed a custom calibrant for use with AAV samples, which can be reliably used as a single-point calibration for particles in the mass range 670 kDa to 5 MDa. MassFerence P2 is precise, accurate and reliable for use with SamuxMP and SamuxMP Auto instruments. It can be applied in R&D, process development, quality control and AAV manufacturing processes.

To learn how MassFerence P2 can help standardize your AAV characterization workflows 

Accurate calibrations for AAV samples with MassFerence P2 

Preview of the first page of this tech note about the MassFerence P2 calibrant

Read the technical note to learn how mass photometry calibrations work. See the data showing that MassFerence P2 calibrant offers precision and accuracy in AAV characterization measurements. This calibrant for AAV samples is reliable – see the data of how it compares to other calibrants.

Additional resources​


Streamlining AAV characterization with automated mass photometry


In this webinar, Svea Cheeseman, Director of Product Management for Cell and Gene Therapy at Refeyn, discusses how mass photometry can be used for AAV analytics – by measuring the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype with low sample consumption. She also introduces the SamuxMP Auto, Refeyn’s automated mass photometer.

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Comparing analytical approaches for AAV characterization


Read this blog post to learn how mass photometry compares to other AAV analytical methods for empty/full AAV capsid measurements.


Application of mass photometry in GMP-regulated environments for characterization of AAV samples


This whitepaper presents the Samux software package for GMP-regulated environments. It describes the main features of the software included in the package, including user management and access, audit trails and electronic signatures. Finally, it also contains data showcasing the automated workflow that detects empty, full and partially filled AAV capsids in a sample based on basic user input. 


To learn more about what mass photometry can do for AAV analytics 

More Application Notes

Browse through our catalogue of application notes highlighting some recent case studies featuring mass photometry.

Investigating lentivirus titer with macro mass photometry


Mass photometry supports membrane protein purification protocols 

Characterizing protein oligomerization with automated mass photometry

Quantifying heterogeneous AAV capsid loading using mass photometry

Download the application note

Download the app note
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